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APGLI IMP forms & G.O's Downloads APGLI Update News

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APGLI IMP forms & G.O's Downloads

APGLI Update News  

  • Proposal form has to be submitted before (53) years of age
  • APGLI premium is exempted from income tax under Section 80C.
  • The State Govt. employee can contribute maximum premium upto 20% of the basic pay, irrespective of slab rates
  • The Government enhanced the Insurable Age from (48)years to (53)years vide G.O.Ms.No.16 FINANCE (ADMIN.II) DEPARTMENT Dated:17-02-2011
  • The Government Extended Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Scheme to the Municipal Employees including Municipal Teachers except the employees of GHMC,GVMC and VMC vide G.O.Ms.No.25,FINANCE (ADMIN.II) DEPARTMENT Dated:03-03-2011

Clearance Of Missing Credits:
  1. For clearance of missing credits, the subscriber has to submit the places of posting with deduction particulars such as Month, Amount of Premium/Loan Installment, Token Number/Voucher Number, Total Amount of APGLI schedule attested by the DDO.
  2. In case of challan remittance, the subscriber has to submit the places of posting with the deduction particulars such as month, amount of Premium / Loan Installment, Challan number,Challan amount and date attested by DDO, along with full details of Policy numbers and names of the employees for whom the challan is paid
Avoidance Of Missing Credits:

  1. The Drawing Officers have to verify the correctness of the APGLI policy numbers in the schedules with reference to the policy bonds issued by the Department. If wrong Policy numbers are quoted in the schedules, the premium cannot be posted to the individual accounts and missing credits will arise.
  2. The correct policy numbers once recorded in the schedules should not be changed every month.
  3. The employees also have to verify the correctness of their policy numbers mentioned in the monthly schedule at least once in a year.
  4. The policy number may be recorded in the first page of SR(Service Register) of the employee as a permanent record.
  5. The Drawing Officers may depute the concerned establishment staff to the respective District Insurance Office for updation of premiums in case of missing credits.

Go.Ms.No: 231 Dt:28-6-2010, Minimum Deduction Amount in Salary           Amount

    6700/ -   to   8440/-   = 250/-

    8441/ -   to  10900/-  = 350/-

   10901/-  to  14860/-  = 450/-

   14861/-  to  18030/-  = 600/-

   18031/-  to  25600/-  = 750/-

     25601/-  and   above   = 1000/-

The contributation to this fund allowed to the extent of 20% of the basic pay. 
1000/- 100/-bonas istaru

Head of Account  8011-105-01

>MH 8011-Insurance&Pension Fund
>MH105-St.Govt Insurance Fund

Imp. APGLI G.O's