Monday, January 5, 2015

Pension forms & Information

  • 1.Non-Employment Certificate
  • 2.Non-Marriage Certificate
  • 3.Bank Form Certificate
  • 4.Direct Family Certificate
  • 5.Anticipatory Pension/DCRG Certificate
  • 6.Non Receipt of other pensioner certificate as per GOMS 47 dated 12-02-1960.
  • 7.Xerox copy of the first page of the bank passbook.
  • 8.Xerox copy of pan card.
  • 9.Copy of the Intimation letter received from AG/DAO of SA.

    Anticipatory         Above Others

Family pension conversion:
        The payment of family pension arises only after the demise of the service pensioner.Therefore , after the demise of service pensioner,the pension disbursing officers (ATO/STO/APPO) can straightaway start payment of family pension to the family pension beneficiary to whom authorisation was already issued by the AG, AP, Hyd/DAO ,SA at the time of issuing of the authorisation for Service Pension by vide circular memo No 743/147/PSC/2009 Date:29-05-2009 copy available.

Following are the certificates required: